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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As the name suggests, it helps you manage your customers data in a centralized software system and work on top of that managed data to grow your business and take informed decisions. In short, CRM is your business growth engine.

Lead management

Leads are essential for any business growth. These are potential future customers of a business. Hence managing leads is a critical part of business overall marketing and sales strategy. Leads could come from different sources like Phone Calls, Walking, Online, Social Media, Data. TashwCRM helps you save leads from all the sources in one central place.


Follow-up Management

Capturing leads from different sources is one thing, but converting those leads to paying customer is a totally different thing. Studies shows that business loose 45% business due to lack of follow-up on leads. With TashwCRM, managing follow-ups is a breeze. By using real-time notifications and maintaining case history of customer, you could convert more leads to paying customers and grow your business.


E-mail Marketing

TashwCRM has direct integrations with leading e-mail marketing platforms like MailChimp and SendGrid. You don’t have to shift your customer data from one place to other. Now you could run your e-mail campaign right from within the CRM to reach out to your customers.gm


Team Management

One of the most important part of business it to manage it’s internal team. With TashwCRM, you could easily manage your customer facing team. This feature helps you have a more control over your marketing and sales operations.


Social Media Management

In this era of digitization, social media is a very lucrative channel for business to generate more leads and eventually more business. The issue arises when you have to manage incoming leads from multiple channels. It’s virtually impossible for managers to track and make sense of all the data they get. TashwCRM comes to the rescue by integrating the system with google docs. All your digital marketing team has to do it fill that sheet on a regular basis. We will show all the data with trends in our CRM!


Appointment Management

With Appointment management feature, you could easily manage the appointments with customers, vendors, and potential customers. Customers get notified about the appointment along with reminders.


Task Management

With Task Management, you could manage your day to day internal operational tasks and assign them to your team. You don’t have a use any separate tool for it. Wherever you are, you could check the activity on the tasks being assigned.


Quotation Management

Now sending Quotation to your prospect client is a two minutes job. With TashwCRM’s quotation management feature, create your customize quotation format and send it to your prospects right from the CRM itself. Get the response directly in your Inbox.


Analytics & Reporting

The most important feature that managers should look into a CRM is it’s capability to generate meaningful reports and show analytics in a visual manner. We have you covered. We crunch your CRM data and project it in the most effective way of visualization and reporting.



With the CRM’s SMS promotion feature, you could create and send SMS to your customer base informing them about current offers and new product launch. We also integrate with client’s SMS APIs.


Client Testimonials

Check out client testimonials for our products and services

Military Leaders - USA

Tarun is an outstanding IT partner. He has guided us through many IT challenges. I value him and consult with any IT matters. He has built websites, applications and has helped with interfaces like credit cards and all the certifications that are required. I HIGHLY recommend you use Tarun and his company. Best of luck!

By James Link


I have previously contracted with Tashw Solutions (previous name) for several web projects. The projects were completed on time and production ready. Tarun was critical in putting together the team and managing the projects. If I ever need to supplement my team again, Tashw Technologies Pvt. Ltd. will be the first on my list to contact.

By Troy Zarger

Joboti - UK

I would gladly like to write this testimonial for Mr. Tarun Mishra (Tashw Technologies Pvt. Ltd.). Tarun and I collaborated over development of a job portal. He and his team delivered the project with in time frame and estimated budget. The team was very knowledgeable and readily available. I would surly like to work with the company again. Thank you!

By Peter Van Lanschot

1st Notice - USA

We hired Tashw Solutions for multiple projects and they were nothing but professional. They always delivered quality work on time. Tarun was more than a developer, he was a part of the team. We wish him all the success in future. Congratulations on company incorporation. Looking forward to work with you again soon!

By Daniel Hesser

VCraft Cosmetics - India

Tashw CRM is a fantastic product. The best part it, it's very simple to use. The more we use it, the more we appreciate it. We see it as a critical component of our success for years to come. I would also like to thank Mr. Tarun Mishra - Founder Tashw Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He helped us on every front in using the product. I would highly recommend using Tashw Technologies product & services!

By Harsharan Kaur

Vay Network Services - India

We were looking for a reliable company for our Cloud Telephony and CRM solution needs. Tarun Mishra not only understood our requirements patiently, he consulted us on various available options and helped us implement the best solution as per our requirement. We are satisfied with the solutions and quick turnaround on any of our queries. We would highly recommend Tarun Mishra (Tashw Technologies Pvt. Ltd) and his company’s product/services to all.

By Vayana Networks

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