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Material Testing Labs are the laboratories in which every type of material like physical, chemical, food, and so on are tested for quality as per set standards. After the tests, a report is generated. Generally, there are different stages and departments in the laboratory and it’s very difficult to co-ordinate and cooperate between the department. Our TLab ERP makes the process simple and interconnected.

Integrated Solution

TLab is fully compliant to latest NABL and IS standards. Starting from Job Card creation to report generation, every activity is integrated with each other. Even the system is also integrated with our other products like cloud telephony and CRM system.

End To End ERP

TLab is not just a simple product. It’s an end-to-end ERP for Material testing labs. We take care of your front office activity, to testing lab activity, to reporting, to dispatch, to security and authenticity, and finally to the billing activity.

Happy Reporting

We understand that accurate and authentic reports are critical for laboratories as well as the companies. With our inbuilt security mechanism, we make sure that the reports are genuine and there is no scope of anyone flirting with it or generate fake report. The genuine reports are available to authorized person on a click from anywhere, anytime.

Few Testimonials

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Pr1me Candidate - USA

Thank you Tarun for helping me with my startup! We are launcing our product in market now! God Bless!!

By Shavonne Simmons

Military Leaders - USA

Tarun is an outstanding IT partner and mentor to us. He has guided us through many business challenges. I value him and consult with him on every aspect. He has helped us build our complete technology offering and market/sales strategies. I HIGHLY recommend Tarun as a mentor and coach.

By James Link


I have previously contracted with Tarun Mishra for several projects. The projects were completed on time and production ready. Tarun was critical in putting together the team and managing the projects. If I ever need to supplement my team again, Tarun will be the first on my list to contact.

By Troy Zarger

Joboti - UK

I would gladly like to write this testimonial for Mr. Tarun Mishra Tarun and I collaborated over launching my startup in the recruitment space. He consulted and delivered the services at best value. He is very knowledgeable and readily available. I would surely like to work with the him again. Thank you!

By Peter Van Lanschot

1st Notice - USA

We hired Tarun for multiple projects for three different companies. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Tarun was part of our core team. Looking forward to working with you again soon!

By Daniel Hesser

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