Tashw Cloud Telephony System

Cloud Telephony or Hosted IVR is a system is a cloud-based technology platform with the help of which, business could setup their business phone system with the conventional EPBAX system. Benefit of using Cloud Telephony is no costly hardware is required, scalable model, business location does not matter, and so on.

One Business One Number

Gone are the days when business needs to publish different numbers for different departments and sections of the company. With Cloud Telephony system, use only one number for your business. Apart from cost cutting, this gives business better control over inbound marketing, operational, and sales strategy. Founders and owners do not need to share their personal numbers over Internet anymore.

Smart Call Routing

With customized IVR options, incoming calls are routed smartly based on customer’s inputs. This helps in connecting customer call accurately to the concerned department thereby enhancing customer overall experience with the business.


The system not only route the call to different departments, it also gives you option of setting up multilevel IVR. Common use cases are giving language selection options to customers like Hindi, English. Setting up multi location setup with branches/office in multiple locations or cities across India.

Sticky Agent

Sometimes, customer wants to get connected to the support member with him he/she interacted earlier also. For this, we provide feature Sticky Agent. Call is automatically connected to the agent with whom you connected for the first time.

Customer Support

TashwTel is your fully equipped customer support software. From attending to inbound calls to make outbound calls. From sending e-mails to sending promotional and transactional messages everything is managed under one solution.

Call Recording

Want to do quality check on how your team performs over the phone with your customers and potential customers? Want to train your new incoming team on how to take calls and explain the products to customers? Well, our system does full call recording for every call. You could listen to it and get full insights and quality assurance in your business.


Get instant notifications of the calls along with all the customer data automatically logged into the system. Get alerts on miss calls instantaneously.

CRM Integration

TashwTel is fully integrated with TashwCRM and hence it provides end-to-end CRM solution. The combination of TashwTel & TashwCRM gives business full solution at a very nominal prizes.

Real Time Analytics

We provide real time analytics of calls with clear segregation of number of calls that were received, missed and dropped. This help business to manage their team accordingly and make sure calls are received.


As we all know, brand building is a key activity for a business to be successful in this cut throat competition. We give you professionally recorded IVR that plays every time your customer calls you. This project a professional image of your business and in turn builds your brand.

Few Testimonials

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Pr1me Candidate - USA

Thank you Tarun for helping me with my startup! We are launcing our product in market now! God Bless!!

By Shavonne Simmons

Military Leaders - USA

Tarun is an outstanding IT partner and mentor to us. He has guided us through many business challenges. I value him and consult with him on every aspect. He has helped us build our complete technology offering and market/sales strategies. I HIGHLY recommend Tarun as a mentor and coach.

By James Link


I have previously contracted with Tarun Mishra for several projects. The projects were completed on time and production ready. Tarun was critical in putting together the team and managing the projects. If I ever need to supplement my team again, Tarun will be the first on my list to contact.

By Troy Zarger

Joboti - UK

I would gladly like to write this testimonial for Mr. Tarun Mishra Tarun and I collaborated over launching my startup in the recruitment space. He consulted and delivered the services at best value. He is very knowledgeable and readily available. I would surely like to work with the him again. Thank you!

By Peter Van Lanschot

1st Notice - USA

We hired Tarun for multiple projects for three different companies. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Tarun was part of our core team. Looking forward to working with you again soon!

By Daniel Hesser

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